Bell Landscaping Standards

Bell Landscaping Standards



Working as a team is more than just working next to one another, it is about working WITH one another. It is about lending a hand, even if one doesn’t need it. Our teamwork has proven that when we work as one we can accomplish many things.



From answering a phone call, to onsite crews, our team prides ourselves on being the leading professional landscape company in the industry. We believe it is the basic groundwork for a successful team and makes each member of our team challenge themselves to treat others with the utmost respect, ensuring a happy workplace and business. It is that basic groundwork that will guarantee the satisfaction of every customer.



Maintaining a safe work environment is our top priority here at Bell Landscaping, for both the employees and our customers. Whether it be driving to a job site, or operating equipment, 

we take every precaution to maintain that an area is safe at all times. Regular safety meetings and training prepares us for all uncertainty.


In order to achieve great success, we must first have the drive, desire, and dedication to go above and beyond all expectations. Drive is about raising the bar and meeting that challenge full force! Doing so will then force us to develop and improve our skills on and off the job site. It takes a strong and dedicated team to grow a company together and achieve true greatness!



Respect is about showing deep admiration toward those that are around us. It casts a positive light on the way we treat those we work with as well as those we work for. Customer satisfaction 

is accomplished once we understand their needs and expectations and go out of our way to meet them. Respecting those expectations will challenge us to grow together as a team, as well as develop individual skills to achieve success in our personal lives.