Hydro Seeding & Sodding

Finish Grade & Hydroseed consists of two basic methods.  First we finish grade the entire site be grading the soil to the proper grade height and condition the soil with a Rock Hound.  The soil needs to be compacted, not loose as a wide misconception in our industry.  We do not roto till the soil, this will loosen the ground too much, thus you will lose your grade, we simply grade with track loading machines to allow proper drainage and a smooth lawn.  This Rock Hound removes impurities such as twigs, stones among other debris.  It also loosens the top 1/2 inch to accept the hydroseed slurry.  As before-mentioned, the overall lawn is compacted, but the loosened top will add oxygen to the soil, grab the hydroseed mixture and start the germination process.

The hydroseed mixture is simply seed, hydromulch (recycled post-consumer paper), fertilizer, tackifier and water.  Tackifier is a glue-like substance that allows the ingredients to adhere to one another when applied.  This method is a simple single-step process and is the most cost effective method.  Seed can be customized for individual applications such as shaded or sunny areas etc.

Sod is an excellent source for the customers who want an instant lawn.  The sod is grown off site at a sod farm and simply cut and installed on the finish graded site.  The sod then is water heavily to allow the grass roots to re-establish themselves at the new site.  The initial appearance is excellent and the weed content is very low as the sod is grown off site.  Sod costs more than hydroseed simply due to it being the finished product and more labor intense.